Thursday, August 28, 2014

Live Chat with Ella Dominguez, August 28th

Come join me in a live chat August 28th from 5-7 p.m. PDT. 
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ruin by C.D. Reiss Cover Reveal

Release Date: October 14, 2014

Genre: Erotic Romance


What happens when a mob capo falls for a lawful woman?

Does he ruin her, or does she ruin him?

Do they live together, or die together?

This is Antonio Spinelli's story.

WARNING: This book contains delicious sex scenes with a hot man dirty-talking in Italian; women handling firearms and explosives; and scenes of violence with a crystal virgin Mary cigarette lighter.

Pre-Order Ruin today!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Art of Redemption Teasers

 Early release August 24, 2014! Coming very soon to Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, and iBooks. 

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Art of Redemption Early Release!

New release day set for The Art of D/s prequel, The Art of Redemption. 

Coming 8.24.14. 

For Isabel, art was her saving grace and redemption from a life of abuse and cruel words. Having escaped her father's iron fist and making her way in a strange city, she finds herself alone, going from empty relationship to unfulfilling relationship. Bored with conventional sex, creativity becomes the outlet for her secret desires. Introverted, self-critical yet spirited, she yearns for love, acceptance and control.

For Dylan, the answer to his control issues and sadistic fantasies was waiting for him within the walls of the Dark Asylum in the form of an acronym - BDSM. His redemption from his overwhelming guilt and sadness over the loss of his parents was discovering the escapism of art. Feeling undeserving of happiness, he delves into the art world and BDSM with voracious passion. As he concentrates on mastering his knowledge in all things art, he also sets about honing his Dominant skills while training new submissives, never wanting anything more than brief physical encounters. 

This prequel explores Dylan and Isa's pasts and the people who crossed their paths and became integral parts of their lives. This is the journey that led them to the fated Studio 210 gallery show where Dylan first caught glimpse of the erotic paintings that spoke to him, leading him to find the love of his life, his soul mate and his own little artist with a hidden dominant streak - Mistress Isabel. The very same night that forever changed Isabel's future, leading her to the man who would capture her heart, Dominate her world, and ultimately give her complete control.

On August 24th, I'll be hosting an all day event to celebrate the release of the highly anticipated Art of Redemption. There will be loads of giveaways with prizes including a Kindle, Amazon gift card, ebooks, paperbacks, Coach bag, Juicy Couture & Victoria's Secret items, and tons more. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Return to Grace Street Cover Reveal

This was seriously the most difficult decision I've ever had to make regarding a cover image. Due to my original image being used on so many other books, it was decided to change it. I narrowed it down to two images, but the poll didn't help much as it essentially ended up being a tie. Though it did tell me that both the covers were going to be accepted. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Drum roll please...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Release Day Blitz: Crossroads by Dylan Cross

Crossroads a collection by Dylan Cross

Crossroads is the second story collection by Dylan Cross, one of the masters of the “edge erotica” genre. If you’re looking for a touchy-feely romantic storyline, this isn’t it.
In “Secretary’s Day,” a sexy but naive secretary gets “help” from her boss with her financial problems, but the payment plan may be more than she bargained for.
“Amanda’s Road Trip” follows the co
ntinuing tale of the hapless blackmailed housewife from “Amanda’s Descent”… as this time, her tormenter enjoys her in, on and around her car.
In “Closure,” Kevin and his ex-girlfriend’s breakup wasn’t exactly under the best of terms, but Sami is eager to do whatever it takes to set things straight. The fact that Kevin is now happily married won’t slow her down either…
These stories, plus several thrilling and chilling shorts, will make for a sizzling bedtime read!
Get the book today: Dylan’s official page to get your copy of Crossroads.
As a special bonus…
Crossroads includes the story Amanda’s Road Trip, which continues the misadventures of the hapless heroine from Amanda’s Descent…

About the author
Dylan Cross is an independent author of erotica. His titles include Fair TradeAmanda’s Descentand Back to School. Cross is a former Marine and software developer, and is a founding member of the Erotic Authors Guild. He can also be found online at