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The Pentagon Group by Rosemary Rey

Rebound, The Pentagon Group, Book One, is available for 99 cents: A year after Perla Mercurio divorced her first lover in a contentious divorce, she resigned herself to being single. After a doctor's visit, she meets Dr. Mathias Keene, and her attraction to him sparks her sexual desires. When Perla and Matt dance at a club, their chemistry is undeniable. Immediately, they undertake a whirlwind romance. Perla falls head over heels in love with the dashing doctor, but is he all that he seems?

Unbound, The Pentagon Group, Book Two, is available for $2.99: Perla Mercurio discovers that the man she fell in love with, Dr. Mathias Keene, wooed her under false pretenses. Upon her discovery of the truth, she tries to mend her broken heart, leaving the handsome doctor in her past. However, Matt is not so easy to shake off. In an effort to win back the love of his life, he makes Perla an offer she cannot refuse. To move forward with her life, Perla must make the hardest decision she's even encountered. Will she be able to move on from Matt and the men of The Pentagon Group?

Bound, The Pentagon Group, Book Three is available for preorder, and will be published in April of 2015. It will be found exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Perla Mercurio and Dr. Mathias Keene have been separated by outside forces. Every obstacle has been created to keep them separated by time and distance. Are they bound to be apart forever?

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Bitter Sweet Love by R.C. Stephens

After enduring an abusive childhood and having her heart broken by the only boy she trusts, Alexis White vows to never let anyone hurt her again. She's left her troubled past behind and starts a new life at college. For the past seven years, her social calendar has been filled with frat parties, drinking, and meaningless sexual hook-ups. Until one night she unexpectedly gets saved by a tall, dark, and handsome French foreigner, Luc Blanchard. He's charming, sophisticated, and very interested in Lexi, who has presented herself as a challenge when she tells him relationships aren't her thing.

She finds herself sucked in by his own intriguing past. But everything changes when Dylan Priestley, the gorgeous boy who broke her heart and shattered her faith in friendship and love, suddenly shows up in her life again while back home on a visit. Dylan doesn't hide his feelings for Lexi, but she can't forgive or forget being betrayed by the one person she ever truly loved.

Despite the pain Dylan's caused her, Lexi is once again drawn to the blue-eyed-boy-next-door. Will Lexi choose the man who seems perfect but hides a dark side or the boy who smashed her heart into pieces so many years ago?

Warning: This book ends in a cliffhanger. This is book one of a trilogy. Release dates will be held close together.

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About R.C Stephens

R.C. Stephens was born in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from York University with a Master’s Degree in Political Science.
Her debut Novel Bitter Sweet Love is book one of the Twisted Trilogy. Followed by Twisted Love and Sweet Love Forever.
R.C. is an avid reader, so when she isn’t cooking for her clan or on her laptop writing, she’s snuggled tight with her Kindle devouring any romance novel she can. Okay, with the exception of Thursday nights. She makes time for Scandal and Vampire Diaries. She’s a fan of drama and suspense but she’s also a sucker for a happy ending.
Her husband was her first teenage love. They live together with their three children in Toronto. Loving Canadian winters she could never think of living anywhere else.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spirit by Ashe Barker

"The story was inspired in part by the plight of homeless young people who we see on the streets of all our major cities, anywhere in the world. I often wonder what their stories are, and I suspect many of them are pretty dire. Spirit charts the journey made by one courageous young woman, and the help she receives from an unlikely benefactor. It’s a sexy story, naturally, would I write anything else? But in among the kink the issues at the heart of Spirit are serious ones and I hope I’ve done them justice too."

When Matthew Logan offers a homeless young woman a bed for a few nights, he expects the girl to eat, sleep, recover from the flu, and then move on. Instead, in no time at all eighteen-year-old Beth Harte has captured his affections completely. Though Matt wants only to protect her and has no intention of sleeping with her, Beth has other ideas, and she proves to be very persuasive.

But after Beth is attacked by a friend of Matt’s and subsequently learns for the first time that Matt is an experienced dominant, she is unable to separate the man she is growing to care about from her hateful memories of previous exploitation. Confused and frightened, she runs away.

Almost six years pass before Matt sees Beth again, and in that time his vulnerable little waif has reinvented herself as an artist. Now she has a stunning proposition for him and his environmental engineering company: to collaborate on a project fusing art and science to promote one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. But when Matt demands to know what went wrong before, she tells him the truth, both about her childhood and about his friend’s actions.

Matt is determined to make Beth’s abusers pay for their crimes, but he’s also not about to let her run away from him again. Can Beth bring herself to trust Matt despite her fears and give him the chance to love her and show her the pleasures of being his submissive, or will the wounds of her past keep her from trusting anyone ever again?

Publisher’s Note: Spirit is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, BDSM content, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

And of course a sexy excerpt, to whet your appetite.

"Wake up. Santa's been." The soft voice is right in my ear, tickling me. Nibbling, nuzzling, tracing a feathery trail across my shoulder...
"Mmm, that's nice."
"No more until you open your eyes." The pleasant sensations stop and I'm tugged over onto my back.
I open my eyes. Matt's nose is nudging mine, his eyes a brilliant blue in the thin wintry morning light. I squint up at him.
"I was asleep."
"Noticed that. You can't sleep now, it's Christmas."
"Did someone make a new law?"
"I make the laws here, and I say it's time to wake up, I can't fuck you when you're asleep."
"You could..."
“Oh no. I want you conscious, consenting, and coming like a bitch in heat. That means awake. You ready?"
"Spread your legs, sweetheart."
Ah, that sort of ready. I'm amazed to admit that I am. Entirely ready. Even so, Matt slides two fingers inside me, by way of making sure.
"Sweetheart, you're so hot, so fucking tight. And wet."
I moan, stretching, loving the sensations coursing through me. I could wake up like this every day. "Don't stop doing that."
"Roll over."
"No questions, just do as you're told. On all fours. Now."
On reflection, I have no further questions anyway. I wriggle into position, a little nervous as this will be my first time doggy style. I've heard it's deeper, more...
"Oh. My. God."
Intense. Yes, that was it, more intense.
It is. Much more. I clutch the pillow under my face and hang into it as Matt thrusts into me from behind, his strokes long and deep, setting up a fast rhythm. He reaches around and under me to lay the pad of his middle finger over my clit. A couple of sharp rubs later and I'm climaxing, my scream muffled as I bury my face in the bedding. He's not far behind, his own orgasm signalled by a sudden tensing followed by a sharp, hard jerk of his thick cock inside me.
We both collapse, face down on the bed. Matt rolls off me and onto his back.
"I've got a present for you."
"Oh. Oh, but I haven't got you anything. Well, not a real present. I did make you something though." I have no cash to go shopping, but I found myself watching one of those cookery programmes on daytime television a few days ago, and they had a recipe for chocolate fudge. Matt has a sweet tooth so I raided his cupboards and found the ingredients I needed to make him some. The little cubes are wrapped in silver paper, safely stashed under my bed. "It's not in here though. Shall I just go and...?
"You're going nowhere, at least not yet. I'm sure whatever you made is gorgeous, but for now you are my Christmas treat, Beth. And may I say, you're turning into a seriously fun date."
"See, told you."
"Careful, no one likes 'I told you so'. Do you want your present?"
I sit up, heedless of my nudity. Matt lifts a hand to caress my naked breast, rolling my nipple between his fingers. I had been about to demand my gift right this minute, but instead I arch my back and moan as his delightful touch sends sparks of desire straight to my pussy.
"You were right. You are a slut. So, do you want your present or not?"

You can grab a copy of Spirit from wherever you like to buy your ebooks
Spirit Buy Links

More about Ashe Barker
I’ve been writing seriously for about two years but I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, erotic and other genres.  I love reading historical and contemporary romances in all pairings – the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse for my guilty pleasure – research.
My stories are often set in the north of England where I live but I draw inspiration from all over. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea. But ultimately my tales of love, challenge, resilience and compassion are the conjurings of my own lurid and smutty imagination.
On the rare occasions I’m not writing my time is divided between my role as resident taxi driver for my teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, rabbits, tortoises.  And most recently a very grumpy cockatiel.  I’m a rural parish councillor too.
My other titles are many and varied, and include the ‘Black Combe’ trilogies, The Dark Side, Sure Mastery, The Hardest Word and A Richness of Swallows, all set in the atmospheric moorland of West Yorkshire or Cumbria and with a strong BDSM theme.  My stand alone novels are The Three Rs, Chameleon, Red Skye at Night, and Faith but this list grows all the time. The Widow Is Mine is a full length medieval erotic romance which I wrote for The Conquered Brides collection. I’ve also written several short stories, including Re-Awakening, a raunchy pirate tale, Right of Salvage, and a MM story, Bodywork, which was included in the Amazon best-selling collection Brit Boys on Boys. You can find all my stories on my author page on Amazon.
I have a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keep thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from me.
I love to hear from readers. You can find me on my blog, and I’m on Facebook, and twitter too. And more recently on Tsu

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Luca by Gina Whitney


“Anger is like a thorn in the heart...the roar of my courage and the cold sweat of my fear.” ~Luca

Pyromania is an impulse control disorder in which individuals repeatedly fail to resist impulses to deliberately start fires, in order to relieve tension or for instant gratification.

Damon Luca, or Luca as they called him. I thought of him more as Damien, the fucking devil within these walls that now is my life. Dark, broody, and deadly to any woman. Mind-blowing, soul-shaking, raw sex appeal. He was a tall statured boy with broad shoulders and a pair of green eyes that set my soul on fire. His inky black hair framed his hard, chiseled features. He had the type of body that had no business being on a seventeen-year-old. I knew that once he fully developed, he'd be nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous. As I said...deadly on the eyes...and dangerous for your heart.

My name is Allison. I met Luca through an unfortunate event when we were younger. I’m now twenty-four, and this is my story. My fucked up life. It's not a pretty one. Then again, the most interesting ones aren't...are they? This isn't your usual love story. Anything but. There are no blue skies, rainbows, or unicorns. Only own personal arsonist. He had the ability to set my panties on fire, leave my body smoldering, and turn my heart into burning embers. He scared the hell out of me, made me feel. He opened my eyes to the world of twisted love. But love no less. This scary, beautiful man stole my heart from a young, tender age and refused to give it back. Here’s our story…

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This Love's not for Sale Revised & Re-released


New revised version of This Love's not for Sale now live on Smashwords & All Romance Ebooks! It's an erotic romantic comedy with loads of steam and humor, and a naughty, occasionally asshat of an alpha-male.

It's FREE at both outlets (all file formats available, including KINDLE).

Please be patient with Amazon as the revised edition could take days to post and the FREE price probably won't filter over there for up to a week or longer. In the meantime, I've knocked the price down to $0.99 until then (which also won't take effect for awhile). Don't feel obligated to help support my writing addiction, though (wink wink).

Thislove1 photo thisloveteaser11_zpsbvl9m1bf.jpg

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Shades of Kink - White Hot Anthology!

ON SALE for only $.99. Limited Time Only!

Can't get enough of Fifty Shades of Grey? Then this white-hot collection is for you. Eight New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling authors bring you the best of their steamy erotic romances, filled with sinfully sexy doms, masters, and alphas and the women who love them.

Bartered/Pamela Ann

I was a connoisseur of beautiful things, women included. I had not just one, but three—all exotic, stunning, and would do anything I asked. My life was perfect...until a little minx came along. The second our eyes clashed, the animal in me ignited, and I was challenged with something risky. For the very first time in my life, I knew a woman could be anything, nothing…or everything.

Becoming Sir/Ella Dominguez
Reliable, trustworthy, loyal to a fault - Sawyer is the kind of man other men want to be; a real man's man. But behind the facade of his tough exterior and deadly silence hides a man with dark secrets. Always content to be in the shadows, now is the time of his sexual awakening. This is Sawyer's journey into becoming Dominant, Master, Sir.
Gloria's Secret/Nelle L’Amour
Gloria Long, the beautiful, self-made CEO of Gloria's Secret, the world's largest retailer of sexy lingerie, harbors a dark personal secret that inhibits her own sexual desires. Her powerful defenses melt when she meets Jaime Zander, the devastatingly gorgeous advertising guru, who is determined to control her both in the boardroom and bedroom.
The Agreement/S.E. Lund
Kate McDermott tells herself her interest in BDSM is just research and nothing personal. She hopes that the carefully worded agreement will keep her relationship with the Dominant she will interview strictly professional. Then 'Master D' - Drake Morgan, M.D. - walks into the interview and Kate is mortified for not only is he gorgeous, he's the son of her father's best and oldest friend. Unable to resist his determined seduction, Kate's smitten and things are going to get complicated...
Beg/CD Reiss
Jonathan Drazen is a known womanizer and a gorgeous piece of man I'm not letting into my heart. Ever.
Yeah, he's rich, beautiful, charming as hell, and he has a wit as sharp as a double-edged razor... but he's made it perfectly clear that this is a short- term thing.
We get in, get it on, get out. Done.
Shades of Pearl/Arianne Richmonde
Pearl Chevalier is a beautiful, divorced, forty-year-old documentary producer. Not only has she given up on love but is convinced that great sex is only something you read about. But when she meets social media billionaire, Alexandre Chevalier, French, sexy as hell, and fifteen years her junior, her world is turned upside down. Jump aboard this USA Today bestselling roller coaster ride of sex, lies, passion, and intrigue.
Sarasota Sin/Talyn Scott
Linked by tragedy, Avery and Dylan Easton have the world at their feet, money and power at their fingertips, and a private sex club they own at their disposal. Mistresses have come and gone yet when they meet Payton Calloway, they see a woman to love, one who can tame their untamable ways and heal their tortured souls. Can she accept their past and embrace the future they want to share with her?  Or will she succumb to her irresistible best friend and aspiring rock star, Noah Wyatt?

Saving Abel/Gina Whitney

Abel Gunner, lead singer of Lethal Abel and Gia must face their demons before they can embrace a future together. In the end, they're faced with two choices: fight for their love or die with their demons.

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