Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Release Day Launch: Ruin by C.D. Reiss

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Book Info

Title: Ruin

Author: C.D. Reiss

Genre: Erotic Romance

Cover Design: Paradox Book Cover Designs

Release Date: Oct. 14th 2014


WARNING: This book contains delicious sex scenes with a hot man dirty-talking in Italian; women handling firearms and explosives; and scenes of violence with a crystal Virgin Mary cigarette lighter.

What happens when a mob capo falls for a lawful woman?

Does he ruin her, or does she ruin him?

Do they live together, or die together?

This is Antonio Spinelli's story.

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Meet C.D. ReissCD Reiss
CD Reiss is a USA Today and Amazon bestseller. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn’t pick up, she’s at the well, hauling buckets.

Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master’s degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere, but it did embed TV story structure in her head well enough for her to take a big risk on a TV series structured erotic series called Songs of Submission. It’s about a kinky billionaire hung up on his ex-wife, an ingenue singer with a wisecracking mouth; art, music and sin in the city of Los Angeles.

Critics have dubbed the books “poetic,” “literary,” and “hauntingly atmospheric,” which is flattering enough for her to put it in a bio, but embarrassing enough for her not to tell her husband, or he might think she’s some sort of braggart who’s too good to give the toilets a once-over every couple of weeks or chop a cord of wood.

If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Crimson Fate by Ella Dominguez & Thomas Duder

My upcoming prequel to the Crimson Quartet Series is due at the end of the month. It won't be for the fainthearted or for those seeking a fluffy paranormal romance. Sorry, no sparkling vamps here - only brutal eroticism at (hopefully) its best.

Thomas Duder, my coauthor, and I are doing our best to bring you something different in this genre, maybe even redefine the paranormal genre itself or create our own as there are several meshed together.

In short, what we're writing is a tale of vivid world building, erotica, suspense, and brutal action/adventure all wrapped up with a bloody bow.

Prequel to the Crimson Quartet Series.

Brutal, erotic and captivating.

Warning: Contains BDSM themes, brutality, menage, and explicit sexual content.

The howls of the tortured and the cries of pleasure resonate alike throughout the post-apocalyptic world - from the forbidden lands of the Djanni host, evil alien invaders, to the darkest edges of the Kingdom of Vampire Knights, all is battle, bone, and blood.

Amidst a riot of blood and carnage, carnal desire and fierce battle, four souls collide and intertwine, surviving in the aftermath of prophecy come true. Madeline, a fiercely loyal woman and fighter who has blood untainted by the monsters living around her; Anton Thorne, a passionate and powerful vampire, and leader of the Obsidian 13; and his darkly brooding cousin, Ramsey Thorne.

A tale of eldritch power captivates and controls the destiny of the ruling Thorne clan vampires, yet standing against them lay a resistance led by two of their own, Anton and Ramsey. Between them lays secrets, deeply erotic encounters that bind them physically and emotionally, and a complicated past, only half-guessed at by Anton's human lover, Madeline.

Between the dark dreams that haunt her, the solace she finds in the hunger of Anton pales compared to the fear she has of Ramsey. What is Ramsey's true goal? Is he somehow involved in the rogue vampires rumored to trying to create their own breed of demon? What are his secret experiments and activities, and how will they affect the Resistance movement? Does it have anything to do with her dreams of possible future portent? And who, above all, is Mia?

This is only the beginning and the tides are turning. Can Anton and his group keep the peace? Maddy has her doubts. Despite living within a dark existence, hope is a hard thing to kill, but the inevitable is even more difficult to deny.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

True (The Story of Us Series) by Gwendolyn Grace


I never thought I'd risk my true... my everything, but one mistake can change lives. True love is undeniable... but is it forever?

Alex Turner was my true… my husband, the father of my children, the man of my dreams. But what happens when that isn’t enough anymore?

I knew something was different about Justin Rich. The way his eyes lingered a little longer on places they shouldn’t, his brazenness and suggestive double meanings excited me. I knew I was flirting with danger but I couldn’t seem to stop myself.

True love can make your heart soar. Secrets and lies can break it.




“Look, Courtney, about what I said earlier…”

“It’s okay. Really. You don’t have to apologize. I should have said something…”

“I’m not apologizing.” He reaches me in two strides and places his hand under my chin, forcing me to look up at him. “I meant every word of it. I like you. I like you a lot, Courtney. I just can’t stand by and watch you be with someone who doesn’t…”

“Shh.” I put my hand to his mouth. “Stop.” He shook his head, trying to move my hand. “I don't know what’s happening right now. Give me some time to sort this out. Okay. Please?”

Justin nodded and then lowered his head to plant a soft kiss on my cheek. When he pulled back his smile was full of understanding and hope before walking out of the front door. Why couldn't I stop myself from envisioning something more with him.

Oh God. What Am I going to do?


“Did you come like that for him?” Guilt broke through the post orgasmic haze as I focused my eyes on his face. The hurt and arousal taking turns flashing in his eyes. I answer his question honestly, never breaking contact.



When Gwendolyn Grace is not daydreaming about fictional characters, she tries to be a fairly decent wife and an attentive mother. During the day she manages the office for a small maritime security company that fights pirates, just not the cool Johnny Depp kind. In her spare time, she is a blogger and book reviewer however writing has been her passion for as long as she can remember. True is her debut novel and hopefully the first of many to come.

Find her all over social media!


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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Taylor Made Student (The Taylor Made Series) by Carrie Anne Ward

A tutor that desperately wants to teach and a student that eagerly wants to learn. Off into the shadows she follows... 

After 2 years of running from her brutal past, Kiera Fox is now ready to start her life over. When she decides to finish her degree at the Essex University, the last thing she was expecting was to meet the handsome and intimidating Taylor Holloway. 

A brief encounter in the court yard ignites a searing desire inside of Kiera which she longs to act upon. When she takes that plunge she is surprised to learn that Taylor is her Art tutor. 

Giving in to the overwhelming longing for one another, Kiera embarks on a dark journey of submission to Taylor, guiding her into a world beyond just physical intimacy. He teachers her about dominance and submission, control and discipline, pain and pleasure, but this path is a little too familiar for Kiera. Bringing up too many raw memories she’s isn’t quite ready to face, but she can no longer run as her past has now found her. 

Whilst struggling to come to terms with her past, a new threat is boiling in the background. Dragging up old war wounds and dangerous secrets, Kiera soon learns she isn’t the only one hiding secrets. Although the threats warn about revealing the affair, Kiera feels it’s not just about exposing them, this is personal. 

Can their relationship remain in the shadows along with their secrets? And how far will Taylor push Kiera in surrendering her will to his dark world, without breaking her?


www.amzn.com/B00E89EBQ8 – Amazon UK
http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/344597 - Smashwords (all forms of Ebooks)

About the Author

Carrie Anne Ward grew up in the seaside resort Clacton on sea in Essex, England, with her mum and two brothers until she was 16 years old. She then moved with her mother to Colchester (where she still lives to this day) and went on to study Art and Design at the Colchester institute. However, after recovering from the illness glandular fever, which meant she couldn’t finish her degree, she went out into the world to become a working class citizen and a glamour model on the side.
For many years she wrote stories in her spare time, mostly horrors or supernatural, but never felt the passion to take it further. Her love for literature at school didn’t, at that point, over take her love of Art, but as she grew older her passion in writing surpass any other desire she ever had.
Her passion for writing over the years grew excessively (mostly erotica) and when BDSM erotic books took the world by storm, she finally found the genre in which she wanted to write about. So being a real submissive, Carrie decided to take the experiences she has had and combined them with her imagination, to create a story. So at the age of 33 she fulfilled her dream to become a writer by releasing her debut novel A Taylor Made Student, the first book of 3 from The Taylor Made Series.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Mending the Heartbreak (Highland Stones Series) by Stephanie Comalander

Adeline Bruce is a small town girl with dreams that will take her to exotic foreign lands in search of human history and artifacts. She embarks on a journey to Scotland where she learns more of her heritage as a descendent of Robert the Bruce as well as an opportunity to study with world-famous archeologist Dr. Matthew MacStone. 

Hadrian Balliol is a mysterious native Scotsman who has a destiny to fulfill. A member of the House of Balliol, he seeks out certain artifacts that will unify Scotland and make his home country finally free from English rule. 
Join Hadrian and Adeline as their destinies intertwine on a journey of love, lust, danger, and mystery along the shores of Scotland.